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African-American Gifts & Personal Care Products
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Better Your Life with African-American Clothing, Art,
& Health Products

Whether you are looking for the ideal gift, something to elevate your health, or even need some financial assistance, turn to Edmund's African-American Gifts and Personal Care Products. Our team strives to improve every aspect of your life with unique goods and beauty products, all for affordable prices. To better serve our customers nationwide, we also ensure all deliveries are received within 30-days.


All of our beautiful clothing and art is 100% authentically made in Africa. You can't find these items just anywhere!

African-American Clothing & Art


If you're suffering from dry skin, eczema, or are looking for a chemical-free option for women's hygiene, we have the solution for you.

Health & Beauty

Hygiene Products

A new and revolutionary product for feminine hygiene, our chemical-free pads are truly amazing. Feel protected, healthy, and more natural with Cherish pads.

Feminine Hygiene

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12 Giraffes

12'' Giraffes

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Full-size Djembe Drums

Full-size Djembe Drums

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Handwoven Fans

Handwoven Fans

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Black Thinker Statues from Senegal

Black Thinker Statues from Senegal

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